Use Photo Editing Software and Creative Skills to Improve Your Images Even More


In this digital era, photographers are knowledgeable about photo editing software. It is a tool used to manipulate images. The aim is not to ruin the photo but get most from the images. As photographers, photographic skill develops, so does their curiosity to get better images.

You may have observed that photos posted are not straight from cameras but enhanced. You can say post processing plays vital role in photography world today.

Photo editing software like FotoWorks XL 2018 designed to help Window users enhance their images. You can take advantage of the advanced features and functions like mask effects and radial stretches.

Before you start working with FotoWorks photo editing software make sure to have good workflow of images. It means you need to save original images separately, so as to avoid damaging them. Get familiar with the software’s ‘UNDO’ capability [Ctrl + Z key] and always remember to ‘Save’, so original does not get disturbed. For complete info, check out

How to enhance photo editing skills using top Photo Editing Software features?

Crop – You can eliminate some section of the image. Basically, a rectangle is shaped around needed area and remaining is deleted. Area within the rectangle is your new image. Rotate and straighten feature are related. The former allows to rotate the photo and straighten allows to specify reference point or horizon line. It is wise to rotate first to get a proper orientation and then crop – it’s all in the Photo Editing Software.

Saturation – Image colour can be increased with photo editing software but results on skin tones will seem unnatural if you overdo it. Therefore, use this feature to sweeten colour effect of outdoor and floral photos.

Colour adjust – The camera’s white balance, if not matched with colour temperature may result in an undesirable colour cast image. Colour adjust helps to shift colour balance ad make images cooler or warmer.

Curves and levels – You can change the black, white, and mid points of a picture. Skin tones can be brought on faces without disturbing the too bright elements. Curves help to describe refined makeover of the image’s original characteristic.

Clone – Items can be removed or retouched photo editing software. Glare from braces, background, glasses, and more can be edited.

Eraser – You can rub image section not needed. A bank spot is left behind after erasing. It is helpful to isolate object, so as to insert another image.

Layers – The skills to use layers means you can create new photo combining two or more layers with varying transparency level. Use ‘Blend mode’ to specify how layers interact, so as to complement one another’s colour.

Sharpen – Image’s edge contrast can be increased, so that small features get highlighted. Parts of photographs like eyes can be sharpened to grab attention. ‘Unsharp Mask’ allows to specify the level of sharpening effect.

Channel mixture – The red, blue, and green colour amount in the photo can be changed with photo editing software.

Solo step smart fix – The feature is a combination of all the above ones. You can play with each one, at once to enhance the image. You can even use individual tools mentioned above to enhance, which these simple tools cannot.

Try your creative skills

Take some images, you are unsatisfied with. Use photo editing software and allow your creative editing skills to flow, so as to create some photographic arts.

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