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It is a sentiment fear that every one of us have felt at some time. The all of a sudden light pocket, the empty space on the table, the unfilled purse where you swear you just stowed your phone device.

In the event that you have ever had your cell phone lost or stolen, you are exceptionally familiar with that cold knot that forms in the pit of your stomach. Your expensive toy is not with you and it has the greater part of your photos, online social media accounts, and once in a while even yours saving money information. It is really frightening, particularly when you do not have an emergency course of action. When the research online is done about finding some Android free applications to locate a lost cell phone, here are some that you ought to install one of these today.

Anti-Theft Alarm

This application means to prevent burglary before it happens by permitting you to set an alarm when you set your mobile device down. This is extraordinary for social meetings where you may leave your phone some place unattended while it charges. It accompanies movement alert which will go off when the phone device is moved, a charger alarm that will go off when the device is expelled from the charger, and a couple of different alarms. It locks with an example pattern lock or a password and it is free to use so you can check whether you like it before purchasing the additional stuff.

Antivirus applications

Antivirus applications may not be the best alternative constantly. On the other hand, a great number of them have anti-theftfeatures that permit you to see your hone on a map, track your phone device, lock it, and delete it if need be. In case you are searching for anti-theft and antivirus then these applications may be the best alternatives for you.


Cerberus is one of the must-know names of anti-robbery. It is viewed as one of the best out there and has a tremendous rundown of components that can offer you some assistance with tracking down your lost or stolen telephone. This incorporates the standard area tracking, remote wiping and locking, alerts you if a SIM card was changed and hiding Cerberus from your application drawer so people do not have any acquaintance with it is there. You can likewise get a list of calls that were made after it was lost or stolen. Also, you can record audio from the phone’s microphone.

Some of these applications have highlights that can offer you some assistance with tracking down your missing mobile device by making it to ring free, send its GPS area to your email or when more regrettable comes to most noticeably bad, permit you to wipe your information from the missing cell phone remotely. If that is not enough for you, snap a photograph of the culprit or record their sound with your device’s microphone, because these applications can do that and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Once you have downloaded phone tracking application, it is fast and easy to use the phone tracker online. To locate your lost or stolen telephone, sign into your app account from any cell phone or computer. You do not have to know anything about GPS areas or security. What’s more, in the event that you cannot see your phone device where it shows up on the map, you will have the capacity to hear it. A mobile phone tracker may wind up being the most valuable application on your cell phone.

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