How Often Should Street Sweeping Be Performed?


Street sweeping is responsible for removing trash from the streets and helping the community look more appealing. For the best results, it requires the cooperation of the community–for instance, moving cars, garbage cans, and other obstacles out of the street. It should also be done on a regular basis to maintain a clean look.

Purpose of Street Sweeping

While the main purpose of San Francisco street sweeping is to clean up trash, it provides other benefits as well. One of the biggest advantages of street sweeping is keeping garbage pollutants out of the local waterways and reducing pollution. It’s also a way for businesses to maintain their professional image and draw in customers and clients. How often you need to schedule street sweeping depends on your reason for having it done.

Seasonal Needs

Each season has different needs when it comes to street sweeping in San Francisco. Summer and fall are usually the busiest times, since street sweeping helps remove layers of dirt, dust, and leaves. However, it can come in handy periodically throughout the spring and summer as well, since garbage can collect on the streets regardless of the time of year.

Type of Streets

Municipal streets typically get swept around 2-4 times a month. Some less busy areas may not require it quite as frequently, especially during the slower months. Commercial shopping areas, on the other hand, need much more frequent sweeping to look their best. Many property owners have their lots swept every day to keep it in pristine condition.

Street sweeping can also be used in construction areas to keep down dirt and dust. Not only does this make the working environment more pleasant, it keeps the construction site from being contaminated. In this case, scheduling depends on how active the site is and may change drastically from month to month.

Geographic Area

Obviously, you’ll also need to factor in your location when deciding how often to schedule street sweeping. Areas with large amounts of leaves will need it performed more frequently in the fall. Northern states with more snow can benefit from an early spring sweeping to get rid of debris left over from plows and melting snow. San Francisco street sweeping, on the other hand, might not need to happen as often, since it’s a warm, dry climate. As you start your street sweeping service, you can observe the area and adjust accordingly if you decide you need it performed more or less frequently.

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