Eye Catching Outdoor Advertising


It can be really hard in this day and age to catch someone’s eye with advertising. In most cases, businesses have mere minutes or seconds to use advertising that is eye popping to snag a potential consumer’s interest. Because so many consumers spend a large amount of time in vehicles on roadways, this article explores the use of outdoor advertising, particularly tube men, to catch the attention of consumers and gives tips on using them effectively.

Street Side Advertising

There are many forms and ways to advertise these days. An extremely effective way of advertising is utilizing street side advertising; sidewalks are great places to insert advertising for a business and draw in additional traffic to a store or business. People spend a large portion of their time in a vehicle commuting. At eye level on the street businesses can advertise and guarantee view of their advertisements by a large number of potential customers. One relatively newer vehicle of advertising used by businesses are advertising air dancers, also known as tube men. These air dancers are often brightly covered and capitalize on motion to catch the eye of the potential customer. Although these advertising air dancers are great advertising tools, they can potentially be used ineffectively. One tip for best use is to make sure the air dancers are prominently displayed close to the curb, and unobstructed by other advertising.

Motion, Color, Durability

An important tip in the use of air dancers is ensuring that you are purchasing one from a company that stands behind their product and can provide some form of guarantee that their product has durability and will hold up well in outdoor conditions. It would not benefit a business to purchase an air dancer from a company that made shoddy products that were destroyed after only a few uses. In addition to durability, companies should look for air dancers that actually have motion when turned on and are brightly colored. Some companies do offer products that look similar to air dancers but move very little. The more brightly colored an air dancer is, and the more motion the air dancer has will attract more customers to focus on what it is that the air dancer is actually advertising. Some air dancers are more than just a body and arms. Some actually have multiple arms, facial features, and colorful pieces that mimic hair.

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