Everything You Need To Know About Blockchain-As-A-Service For IT Leaders and CTOS


BaaS or “Blockchain as a service” has developed an influential presence in the market. This technology is promising organizations a reliable and effective method that would immensely benefit organization in the long run.  Learning about this technology has become important as business put a lot of information online. Getting an understanding about BaaS agreements and suppliers has been very important for a business. BaaS vendors should explain the risks and benefits associated with this service. Here is a complete guide to learn more about blockchain as a- service.

About Blockchain deployment

As per their research, only 1 percentage of CIOs were found to have adopted blockchain within their organization. Other, 8% were involved in active experimentation or short-term planning. Also, 77% had no plans to inspect about adoption of this technology and blockchain consulting.

On the contrary, it has been seen that the IT leaders who would really want to implement it are held back due to scarcity of skilled blockchain developers. Implementation of blockchain technology needs a detailed understanding of the various aspects of law, security, decentralized governance, value exchange, processes and commercial architectures. This clearly states that traditional lines of organization and business can’t operate under their historical structures.

What is Blockchain as a service?

Enterprise blockchain looks like an intangible piece that new offerings from an entire host of tech giants would provide a gateway for accessibility. Organizations such as Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM have introduced BaaS service in different ways. They are all making a lot of efforts to establish themselves as a method for enterprises to take this nascent technology without incurring any risk or cost of building it in-house.

Baas service and its role in IT

BaaS, like SaaS or software as a service offering enables customers to control cloud-based solutions, develop and utilize their own applications of blockchain, smart contracts and other types of blockchain functions,

BaaS offerings are capable to offer a realistic solution to the talent scarcity, as business leaders and CTOs can use their vendor’s pool of knowledge and talent from a financial viewpoint. It also provides them with a chance to play around without needing to invest in a brand-new infrastructure.

How vital is Blockchain to implement security in an enterprise?

Blockchain is considered to be the right step towards establishing security of a business. This technology uses hashing, public key encryption, digital signatures, and other forms of security mechanisms that most of the business does not administered correctly.

This ignorance can result in serious disruption. Therefore, blockchain technology help in effective implementation of robust security to keep a business safe from all types of threats and suspicious activities at all times.


There is no denying of the fact that BaaS service plays a very important role in the entire IT sector. The present case of deployments of this service especially in IT enterprises is limited. Considering help of a BaaS provider would help in dealing with the confusing backend task for you as well as your business efficiently.

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