How Bone Conducting Headphones Work? How Different Are They from Regular Ones?


Headphones help us in doing many things. Right from motivation during a workout, to music during dinner, it helps us in accomplish many tasks. However, sometimes, you might want to hear outside things or voices as well.

Here, the regular headphones become counterproductive. Well, this is exactly where the bone conduction headphones can help you out. In fact, they have become quite popular. Bonephones are comparatively new and scientists are studying this technology even today to determine how properly one can hear with the help of it.

Some of their studies have already shown that this technology is quite promising. According to the most reliable source working on this technology, the subjects that are equipped with these bonephones are heard as much with same lateralization like they would have been through traditional headphones that are placed over ears. These researchers work even today on the ways to improve 3D quality of the bone-conducted sound.

There is an ample of benefits offered by bone conduction headphones. However, you must know whether they are safe for you and how actually they work to determine if they are meant for you as well! So, let us explore more about this innovative tech in the following sections!

How bonephones protect you?

All of us know that if we listen to loud sounds or music for longer time duration, then it may cause us hearing loss, right? It is because as the eardrums vibrate, it can damage them. However, bone conduction headphones can act as eardrums and they send vibrations through cochlea. It then interprets vibrations and you get the sound!

Children’s safety

Children’s ears are quite sensitive to listening to loud sound or music. However, if bone conduction headphones are used, then it allows them to listen to music at safer decibel levels. In fact, it is an ideal healthy living tip especially for children.

While on the move!

Sometimes, noise canceling headphones may be a great way for getting motivation while exercising. However, that could be quite dangerous depending on the place where you are exercising. For instance, they might be good at the gym, but during an evening bike ride or morning jogs, you need to be well aware of surroundings for remaining safe.

Here comes the role of bone conduction headphones. They help you be safe during heavy traffic or any other alarming situations.

No hearing aids needed

Another exciting and innovative use of bone conduction headphones is for the ones that have lost their hearing ability already. In some of the cases, the deafness may be due to the damage in eardrum. With bonephones, there won’t be any need for eardrum. It allows people having hearing aids to hear music without any requirement of hearing aids. Bone conduction headphones server a perfect alternative for headphone users that are concerned about the hearing damage that are caused by ear buds.

Bone conduction technology is indeed moving fast. So, keep pace with it and get the best benefits out of it by visiting and buying the right one for you!

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