What Are the Benefits of Using Hyperledger Fabric for An Enterprise Blockchain?


Blockchain has a lot of potential to meet the organizational needs in terms of privacy, performance and compliance. Choosing the right framework will help you build the network of blockchain properly. Experts recommend Hyperledger Fabric to be the ideal choice to develop your organization’s blockchain network. We are providing you a list of benefits that will tell you more about the technology.

What is Hyperledger technology?

Hyperledger is a kind of blockchain framework that is maintained by Linux Foundation. It helps in enabling enterprises to build blockchain based application very quickly. Presently, it is the most general purpose, stable permissioned, and enterprise-ready development platform for blockchain technology.


Modular architecture

Hyperledger Fabric aids developers to form pluggable components and includes it in the architecture. This type of modularity is provided by its sturdy architecture. This is very important when you wish to provide customized identity management system to build blockchain platform over Hyperledger Fabric.

Data retrieval on demand basis

Hyperledger fabric provides data partitioning feature that offers safety to the data that is needed to be protected. Hyperledger consulting is best suited for those financial firms who are keen to implement blockchain, express deep concerns on their fellow competitors.

Performance, trust and scalability

Hyperledger fabric is developed on a modular based architecture that clearly separates processing of transaction into 3 phases. One is distributed processing of logic and agreement, ordering of transaction, and transaction validation. This separation requires lesser levels of verification and trust that is needed across the different types of nodes, network scalability and optimization of performance.

Designed for permissioned blockchains

Hyperledger Fabric enables all the different entities to have their own identifications. Permissioned blockchains help in providing finance firms what they need, consider healthcare and data protection in specific.

Protection of sensitive data and digital keys

Hardware security module assistance is very important to safeguard and manage digital keys for effective authentication. It provides modified as well as unmodified PKCS11 for generation of keys. In this way it assists in identity management that requires high level of protection. When it comes to identity management, HSM enhances the safety of critical data and keys.

Level of trust

The way Hyperledger fabric deals with the execution of a transaction is entirely different than other methodologies. This technology aims at reducing the level of trust and the amount of verification that a transaction really requires. This enables quick and effective execution of the transactions without any adverse effects.

Community Support

The community that develops Hyperledger fabric has become vibrant today. It is advancing and expanding at a rapid rate. The number of expert engineers who contribute towards developing and providing Hyperledger fabric technology has seen a magnificent growth in less than two years.


Blockchain technology has radically transformed the different industry operating models. When examining blockchain platforms for business use, you must consider all these important attributes. The above explained benefits truly distinguish Hyperledger Fabric from its counterparts, and makes it the best choice for blockchain implementation.

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