5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

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Digital marketing is often the foundation of a marketing plan for many companies. With this type of marketing, the techniques are ever changing as technology changes, as do the route that consumers obtain their information. It is vital to stay on top of digital marketing trends in order to ensure that any marketing plan put into play is going to be successful. For 2016, there are several trends that are going to take over the market, and for companies who utilise these techniques, they are going to see fantastic returns for their business.

Start using more videos
Using videos for digital marketing is not new. However, in the past, they have not been very dominant. However, for 2016 this is going to change. The main reason for this change is due to Google starting to get on board with video advertising, thus this can be used to help rank your website as well.

2. Have a dedicated business app

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Having an app that is completely devoted to a business is something that not all businesses embrace. However, for 2016 having a dedicated app is going to greatly increase exposure to your chosen demographic. Apps are indexed by Google, however, Google has expressed their intentions of ranking these apps even more for 2016.

3. Mobile optimisation is a must!

For the past few years, the desktop has reigned king in the world of digital marketing. However, 2015 saw mobile websites taking over more of the market, and in 2016, mobile websites may even take the place of several websites utilised on a PC. Every business must ensure that they are mobile, and that their websites are going to pass the mobile test given by Google. For companies who have yet to establish a mobile version of their website, they are losing out on a huge potential of interested consumers.

Social media is the new customer service
Social media has always been utilised as a way to reach new consumers, and to advertise new products or services. However, with 2016 quickly approaching, it seems that social media will become the new customer service of your business. This means that you will want to address complaints, concerns and questions via social media as fast as possible. New research suggests that consumers who get responses via social media in a timely manner are 70 % more likely to recommend your business

4. Content is still vital

The content that you post online is still vital, and remain so in 2016. In fact, it could be the one reason that you reign in consumers to your business. Consider this fact: 80 % of readers would rather read an article about a subject matter rather than read your advertisement. Therefore, for 2016 show that you are knowledgeable in your market area and relay this knowledge to consumers.

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