3 Reasons to Choose the Right Domain Name

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When building a website, one of the first and most important decisions to make is what to name your site. Each computer that is using the Internet Protocol (IP) to communicate is issued a series of numbers called an IP address. Due to the difficulty of remembering this long string of numbers for each web address, domain names were developed which would identify each website with a Uniform Resource Location (URL) made up of a series of letters and numbers. Here are some reasons why choosing the right domain names could be the most important decision you make for a website.

Add Credibility to Your Organization

Whether your website is for an organization, a business, or personal use, clearly identifying the website is key to building credibility with visitors. Just like with face-to-face contact, first impressions make a big difference on how you are perceived online. A professional URL will give visitors confidence in the site that they are visiting. You could use a custom domain from a free hosting site but this will include the host’s domain as well. By paying to secure the name of the site, the URL will look more like www.yourcompany.com and make you appear much more professional.

Build Your Brand

Regardless of whether it’s an organization, business, or personal pursuit, building brand recognition is an important part of creating a following. Most people are not interested in searching for a specific company or organization. Searchers tend to gravitate to whoever is easier to find. If your URL includes the name of your business, it will be much easier for people to remember and they are far more likely to return to the site. This will also help greatly when it comes to people referring you to future potential visitors.

Create Uniformity

Part of building a brand is creating uniformity when it comes to your online presence. Not only will having your business’s name in the URL make it easier for people to find you, but you can easily use that name in organizational emails and on social media accounts. Consumers want to know that they are dealing with the same organization and having everything match up provides that insurance. Additionally, having everything match up online is a key aspect of a successful SEO strategy as it allows search engines to identify it as the same organization.

From adding credibility to helping build your brand, properly identifying your website can have a major impact on traffic and conversions. It may seem simple, but creating a list of well thought out domain names can help you build the following you desire. These are just three of a long list of reasons why.

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