3 Keys to Website Design

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Whether you are a small business, organization, or special interest, your website will be essential to connecting with your audience. Here are three keys to good website design.


The first area you will want to excel at for your design is the layout. Think about what the primary purpose of your website will be and design accordingly. Is it’s primary function to provide products, give information, encourage engagement, etc. Each page of your site should have its own purpose and you should have more than one way to navigate through it. Take advantage of customer’s preconceived notions of online layouts, like your logo being a way back to the homepage and your contact information at the bottom. Make sure all of your hyperlinks and add-ons like media players, polls, etc, work and there are no malfunctions.

Use headings, subheadings, colors, and font styles or sizes to help visitors navigate through sections of text and find the information they are looking for quickly. If you are unsure how the layout of your page should be, you can work with companies that provide website design services.


Color can go a long way to help or hurt the look of your site. Use high contrast when using text, so light text on dark backgrounds and dark text on light backgrounds. You can use the same color (purple on purple) but keep the contrast high enough that the text is still easy to read.

Complementary colors can create a feel of unison and flow. Keep bright and vivid colors for small areas like buttons, links, and calls to action. White space or negative space should be used predominantly on the site to give the viewer’s eyes a break, and give the website a modern and clean look.

Text and Images

Your images should be high quality, well lit, professional looking, and formatted for electronic use. Using your own photos is best, but if you don’t have any, you can use stock photos until you acquire some of your own. Info-graphics, charts, and videos are also good ideas. Pictures speak louder than words, so aim to have at least a few on your site.

Keep your text clean and easy to read. You should use no more than three fonts and no more than three sizes. Keep in mind that most users will be visiting your site on a mobile device, so make sure your type and website in general look good in a mobile format. If you are unsure how to design your website for mobile specifications you can work with a company that provides website design services.

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